Mentoring Strategy

Mentoring Strategy: ten elements in a mentoring strategy that has full integration into the fellowship of the church as its goal.

On page two of the PDF: Important things to remember before each mentoring meeting.

For each step in the mentoring process, links are provided to related BcResources and to those available for download or purchase ($) from NavPress and Amazon.

10-Step Mentoring Strategy

  1. Assurances and the enemy:
    Beginning with Christ
  2. Getting into the Word of God:
    Studying the Bible
  3. Talking to God:
    The Devotional Life
    • Prayer; Journal
    • Five steps: (1) Wake up; (2) Settle down; (3) Draw near; (4) Pray through; (5) Move on
  4. Confirming your choice:
    Dealing with Persecution
    • Harassment of family, relatives, and former friends
    • Dealing with spouses and children
  5. Winning others:
    Sharing the Faith
  6. All the way with Christ:
    The Cost of Discipleship
    • The Lord’s words in Luke 14.25-35 … cf. Matthew 10.32-39; 16.24-27; Mark 8.34-38; 9.35-37; 10.41-45; Luke 9.57-62; 17.33
    • The nature of discipleship and its tension with cultural expectations
    • A conversion message
    • Loving Christ and the church above all else; cf. “first place in everything” (Colossians 1.15-20).
    • BcR’s Colossians audios on Lordship and preeminence of Christ (esp. Col 1.17-18a, 1.18b) mp3 audio
  7. Honoring the Lord for real:
    The Tithe
  8. Becoming the right kind of person:
    The Character of the Christian
  9. What it means to learn:
    Spiritual Authority
  10. My church:

Important things to remember before each mentoring meeting

  1. Pray for them
    • The key to spiritual power
    • It weakens resistance.
  2. Find the right place; set the right time
    • A neutral place that is appropriate; check mood and look out for interruptions.
    • The time must be regular — no longer than 1½ hours.
  3. Be ready to meet pressing needs
    • Be aware of their life situation.
    • Always bring money.
  4. “LEAD” them
    • Listen
    • Empathize
    • Ask
    • Disclose
    • … ask open-ended questions and be sure to reassure.
  5. Teach them — five steps:
    • Tell them why.
    • Show them how.
    • Get them started.
    • Keep them going.
    • Have them pass it on.

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