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Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (OT)

Five-page chart lists and describes Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (OT) works using columns, e.g.: title, author/language, date, provenance, size/shape, genre, and theme. Separate groupings for:

  • Protestant Apocrypha
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Apocalyptic Literature and Related Works
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Testaments
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Expansions of the Old Testament and Legends (Rewritten Bible)
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Wisdom and Philosophical Literature
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Prayers, Psalms, Odes
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Supplement (Fragments of Lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works)

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Foundations Einleitungswissenschaft

Outline of the Dead Sea Scroll Documents

Seven-page outline of the Dead Sea Scroll Documents provides a detailed and recognizable structure for each of the well-preserved texts, including tags. Top-level structure includes:

  • Community Discipline (Community Rule, Damascus Document, etc.)
  • Religious Order (Calendars, Liturgies, Rituals)
  • The Last Days (Final Battle, Future Temple, Age to Come, etc.)
  • Literature (Devotional, Biblical, Apocryphal)

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Biblical Studies Old Testament Studies Psalms Wisdom

Book of Psalms — collections, classifications, superscriptions

Book of Psalms — collections, classifications, superscriptions: for each psalm, columns on the chart address the thematic and formal collections, the classifications of Sabourin and of Gunkel, and the items found in the superscriptions and inserts, e.g.: terms, song of the day, muscial annotations, ‘selahs,’ proper names, choirmaster and historical references.


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Foundations Einleitungswissenschaft

Biblically-Related Works from Qumran

Five-page chart, representing a selection of biblically-related works from Qumran. Columns include:

  • Title (e.g., The Book of Giants)
  • Relation to Bible (e.g., Genesis 6)
  • Tag (1Q23, etc.)
  • Date of Composition (e.g., Pre-Hasmonean)
  • Size (e.g., Various fragments)
  • Genre (e.g., Rewritten Bible / Narrative)
  • Theme (e.g., Elaboration on the Nephilim, etc.)

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Biblical Studies Old Testament Studies Genesis Pentateuch Gen 1-11

The Days of Creation

The three items in the set include:

  1. An illustrated timeline of the seven days, showing the movement in days 1-3 from unformed to formed and the movement in days 4-6 from uninhabited to inhabited (4.67w x 7.08 h)
  2. An illustration of the relationship between the land, the waters below the expanse (seas), the expanse of sky, the waters above the expanse, and the expanse of the heavens (4.67w x 7.08 h)
  3. Chart of the literary pattern evident in the structure of Genesis 1.3–2.3 (7.08h x 9.50w). For each day, the patterns are noted under the following headings:
    • God Spoke: e.g., “God said, let there be light.”
    • God Made / Separated / Created: e.g., “God separated … gathered … made … created”
    • Result: “and there was … and it was so”
    • God’s evaluation: “God saw … good … very good”
    • Name / Function / Blessing: e.g., “God called … to govern … to give light … be fruitful, multiply, fill”
    • Conclusion: “there was evening”

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