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ncBc Grammar

Download a Hebrew grammar and syntax summary to accompany your exegesis of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament.

The twenty page PDF, viewable and freely downloadable, includes a two-page “Hebrew Syntax Summary” for quick access to key syntactical concepts and their location in key Hebrew grammars.

Additional pages provide further detail and more specific references to beginning, intermediate, and advanced Hebrew grammars:

  • Orthography and Phonetics
    • Alphabet and Vowels
    • Accents and Syllables
  • Prefixes, Adjectives, Nouns
    • Prefixes: Articles, Prepositions, Vav Conjunction
    • Nouns, Adjectives, and Pronouns
    • Segholates; Construct Relationship
  • Pronominal Suffixes w. Prepositions, Particles, Nouns, and Verbs
  • Verbs
    • Binyānîm / Stems
    • Two Finite Conjugations
      • Perfect (qatal; suffixed) and its Aspect
      • Imperfect (yiqtol; prefixed) and its Aspect
    • One Volitional and Three Non-Finite Conjugations
      • Desires, Prohibitions, Commands — including the Imperative Conjugation
      • Two Infinitive Conjugations
      • The Participle Conjugation

Note, at the top and bottom of the embedded PDF, the icons for downloading or full-screen viewing.


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Foundations Einleitungswissenschaft

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (OT)

Five-page chart lists and describes Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (OT) works using columns, e.g.: title, author/language, date, provenance, size/shape, genre, and theme. Separate groupings for:

  • Protestant Apocrypha
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Apocalyptic Literature and Related Works
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Testaments
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Expansions of the Old Testament and Legends (Rewritten Bible)
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Wisdom and Philosophical Literature
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Prayers, Psalms, Odes
  • OT Pseudepigraha: Supplement (Fragments of Lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works)

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Foundations Einleitungswissenschaft

Outline of the Dead Sea Scroll Documents

Seven-page outline of the Dead Sea Scroll Documents provides a detailed and recognizable structure for each of the well-preserved texts, including tags. Top-level structure includes:

  • Community Discipline (Community Rule, Damascus Document, etc.)
  • Religious Order (Calendars, Liturgies, Rituals)
  • The Last Days (Final Battle, Future Temple, Age to Come, etc.)
  • Literature (Devotional, Biblical, Apocryphal)

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Biblical Studies Old Testament Studies Psalms Wisdom

Book of Psalms — collections, classifications, superscriptions

Book of Psalms — collections, classifications, superscriptions: for each psalm, columns on the chart address the thematic and formal collections, the classifications of Sabourin and of Gunkel, and the items found in the superscriptions and inserts, e.g.: terms, song of the day, muscial annotations, ‘selahs,’ proper names, choirmaster and historical references.


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Foundations Einleitungswissenschaft

Biblically-Related Works from Qumran

Five-page chart, representing a selection of biblically-related works from Qumran. Columns include:

  • Title (e.g., The Book of Giants)
  • Relation to Bible (e.g., Genesis 6)
  • Tag (1Q23, etc.)
  • Date of Composition (e.g., Pre-Hasmonean)
  • Size (e.g., Various fragments)
  • Genre (e.g., Rewritten Bible / Narrative)
  • Theme (e.g., Elaboration on the Nephilim, etc.)

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