Biblical View of Financial Responsibility

Biblical View of Financial Responsibility: the set currently includes two illustrative charts: the first gives an overall view; the second focuses on giving.

Biblical View of Financial Responsibility

The building illustration highlights, for the believer in Christ, a true financial responsibility that rests upon the foundation of a Bible-based community; that is supported by four pillars each defined by and working in conjunction with the others; that results in distribution that further God’s interests.

  • Foundation: Responsive to the call of God into a Bible-based community of believers
  • Pillars (each defined by, working in conjunction with others): Dependence, Diligence, Discipline, Distribution
  • Ways of Distribution: Enjoyment, Extended Family, Taxes, Worship, Pastors, Outside Workers, Brethren, Strangers

Maimonides’ Eight Levels of Giving

Eight levels of giving were identified by the medieval Jewish philosopher and Torah scholar Maimonides (Moses ben-Maimon; 1135–1204 CE):

8. He who does not give enough — and even that unwillingly.

7. He who does not give enough — but what he gives, he gives graciously.

6. He who gives enough — but only after he is asked.

5. He who gives enough and before he is asked — but with both parties knowing each other.

4. He who gives and does not know who receives — but the recipient knows who gave it.

3. He who gives and knows who will receive it — but the recipient will not know who gave it.

2. He who gives without knowing who will receive — and without the recipient knowing who gave it.

1. He who gives — and also assists the recipient in addressing the reason for the need in the first place.

Adapted from Moses Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Charity, 10.7-14

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