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Maps, articles, outlines, timelines, graphics, charts, and more: many free teaching and study resources selected for you from the disciplines that make up the ncBc curriculum:

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The disciplines and topics structuring our resources


ncBc’s Foundations section contains posts with resources related to the foundations for further academic studies: Hermeneutics and Exegesis; Biblical Languages; Einleitungswissenschaft (introductory science); Biblical Theology.

Biblical Studies

ncBc’s Biblical Studies (BST) posts contain resources for studies of the Old Testament (OTS; Hebrew Bible), the Intertestamental period (ITS), and the New Testament (NTS).


ncBc’s theology posts contain resources related to both Historical Theology (HTh) and Systematic Theology (STh).


ncBc’s humanities posts contain resources related to History (especially ANE, Ancient Greek, Hellenistic, and Ancient Roman), Literature, and Philosophy (especially the Disciplines, Ancient Philosophy, and Modern Philosophy).


Although our curriculum includes no formal ‘practical ministry’, a few posts contain resources arising from our day-to-day conversations revolving around biblical theology (and other formal, academic studies), and resting upon the faith tradition.

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We organized BcResources around a focused purpose: making the many formal teaching and study resources produced by ncBc freely available for your classroom and personal use. But here’s a little about who we are as a Bible community. HOME | END | To the top ↑

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