Mentoring Strategy

Ten key elements in a mentoring strategy

6110000-beg-mentoring-strategy-how-bcrxMentoring Strategy: ten elements in a mentoring strategy that has full integration into the fellowship of the church as its goal. On page two of the PDF: Important things to remember before each mentoring meeting.

10-Step Mentoring Strategy

  1. Assurances and the enemy
    Beginning with Christ

    1. Navigators’ Beginning with Christ packet and verses [$ Amazon] [$ NavPress]
    2. Navigators’ The Wheel
    3. The Basic Christian Life
  2. Getting into the Word of God
    Studying the Bible

    1. BcR’s Study Blank for a Passage
    2. Navigators’ Word Hand Illustration [pdf]
    3. Navigators’ Topical Memory System [$ Amazon]
    4. A neutral place, set time, consistency
  3. Talking to God
    The Devotional Life

    1. Prayer
    2. Journal
    3. Five steps:
      1. Wake up
      2. Settle down
      3. Draw near
      4. Pray through
      5. Move on
  4. Confirming your choice
    Dealing with Persecution

    1. Harassment of family, relatives, and former friends
    2. Dealing with spouses and children
  5. Winning others
    Sharing the Faith

    1. Navigators’ Bridge to Life booklet [$ Amazon] [$NavPress]
    2. Navigators’ One-Verse Evangelism
    3. Personal testimony
    4. Opening and closing the conversation
  6. All the way with Christ
    The Cost of Discipleship

    1. The Lord’s words in Luke 14.25-35
    2. … cf. Matthew 10.32-39; 16.24-27; Mark 8.34-38; 9.35-37; 10.41-45; Luke 9.57-62; 17.33
    3. The nature of discipleship and its tension with cultural expectations
    4. A conversion message
    5. Loving Christ and the church above all else
    6. … cf. “first place in everything” (Colossians 1.15-20)
    7. … BcR’s Colossians audios on Lordship and preeminence of Christ (esp. Col 1.17-18a, 1.18b) mp3 audio
  7. Honoring the Lord for real
    The Tithe

    1. Dealing with money
    2. Biblical stewardship
    3. BcR’s Biblical View of Financial Responsibility
    4. BcR’s Maimonides’ Eight Levels of Giving tool
  8. Becoming the right kind of person
    The Character of the Christian

    1. BcR’s The Beatitudes (Mt 5) chart
    2. BcR’s Vice and Virtue Lists of the New Testament article
    3. Household codes
    4. Character, attitudes, and speech
    5. BcR’s Perceived Offense and Protecting the Accused (Mt 18) flowchart
  9. What it means to learn
    Spiritual Authority

    1. BcR’s Understanding Spiritual Authority study
    2. The two ways: the way of the wise; the way of the foolish
  10. My church

    1. BcR’s Baptism 2011 mp3 audio
    2. Obligations to the fellowship
    3. Expectations and discipline

Important things to remember before each mentoring meeting

  1. Pray for them
    1. The key to spiritual power
    2. It weakens resistance.
  2. Find the right place; set the right time
    1. A neutral place that is appropriate; check mood and look out for interruptions.
    2. The time must be regular — no longer than 1½ hours.
  3. Be ready to meet pressing needs
    1. Be aware of their life situation.
    2. Always bring money.
  4. “LEAD” them
    1. Listen
    2. Empathize
    3. Ask
    4. Disclose
    5. … ask open-ended questions and be sure to reassure.
  5. Teach them — five steps:
    1. Tell them why.
    2. Show them how.
    3. Get them started.
    4. Keep them going.
    5. Have them pass it on.

Other resources

For additional discipleship and ministry tools, visit (at a separate site) the Navigators’ Resources page.

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Mentoring Strategy
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