Aristotle: Ways of Knowing, Categories, Causes, Golden Mean

The set of resources for Aristotle currently includes four charts combined in one PDF: Ways of Knowing, Categories, Causes, Golden Mean.

Aristotle’s Five Ways of Knowing

Chart identifying the intellectual virtues and their relation to the genus of systematic theology (i.e., the kind of discipline we are pursuing and how that discipline relates to others).

  1. Intelligentia
  2. Scientia
  3. Sapientia
  4. Prudentia
  5. Ars

Aristotle’s Ten Categories

Chart of Aristotle’s praedicamenta (Medieval term; cf. Grk., Katēgoriai; Lat., Categoriae): substance, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, position, state, action, affection.

  1. Types of predicate
  2. Highest of the genera
  3. Kinds of predication

Aristotle’s Four Causes

Illustration / chart differentiating the ways things come into existence:

  1. Material Cause
  2. Formal Cause
  3. Efficient Cause
  4. Final Cause

Aristotle’s Golden Mean

Chart based on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: table of vices as excesses and deficiencies; of virtues as the golden mean between the two.

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