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Hellenistic Period and World – Timeline and Map

Timeline of the Hellenistic period (323–63 BCE) and relief map depicting its world and battles

In the set Hellenistic Period and World – Timeline and Map, the timeline highlights the rulers in the four regions of Alexander’s divided empire; the map shows locations of key battles.

Timeline regions:

  1. Macedonia, Greece
  2. Thrace, Asia Minor, Pergamon
  3. Syria, Babylon
  4. Egypt, Cyrenaica

A more detailed Hellenistic timeline, in vertical format, appears in the 1p010yr, Biblical Studies set: Bible Timelines: Detailed.

Map battles:

  • Ipsus (301)
  • Corupedium (281)
  • Raphia (217)
  • Zama (202)
  • Magnesia (189)
  • Pydna (168)

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