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Bible Timelines: Detailed

Set of ten timelines, plus an additional 48″ version, covering Prehistory to 100 CE; the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

Two PDF downloads are available: the first PDF is a continuous 48″ and from this the second PDF is derived, a set of 10 timelines suitable for printing.

From Prehistory to c. 2100 BCE the scale is 1 pica = 100 yrs (1″ = 600 years); for the majority of the timeline, the scale changes to 1 pica = 10 years (1″ = 60 years).

1 pg.; 48″, suitable for viewing:


Set of 10 pp.; suitable for printing:


PDF ver. 2014-03-01
1p 4.67 x 48″ .6mb / 10pp 4.67 x 7.08″ .1 mb

PDF version history:
2014-03-01: Combined into set and updated to common SKU
2011-04-20: New on site as separate SKUs

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