Warning Passages in Hebrews

Warning Passages in Hebrews: The Epistle to the Hebrews, written during the more intense parts of Jewish War (66-73), contains five “warning passages”:

  1. 2.1-4: “Do not drift away … pay much closer attention to what we have heard … we will not escape.”
  2. 3.12-19: “Do not fall away from the living God … encourage one another day after day … we will not enter His rest.”
  3. 6.1-8: “Do not fall away … press on to maturity … we are close to being cursed.”
  4. 10.26-31 (cf. 10.19-25): “Do not go on sinning willfully … encourage one another … we will experience a terrifying expectation of judgment.”
  5. 12.25-29: “Do not refuse Him who is speaking … show gratitude … we will not escape.”

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