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Cosmology of Paul in Ephesians

Chart depicts Paul’s cosmology (third, second, and first heaven) as presented in the epistle to the Ephesians.

The chart Cosmology of Paul in Ephesians includes English biblical text and an illustration depicting the cosmology:

  1. First Heaven (Material Cosmos) — Eph 1.10; 3.14-16; 4.9-10
  2. Second Heaven (Battle Zone with Spiritual Forces) — Eph 3.9-10; 6.10-12
  3. Third Heaven (Throne of God; Paradise) — Eph 1.3; 1.20-21; 2.5-7


  • Referring to the Second and Third Heavens, Paul consistently uses the phrase “in the heavenlies” (cf. Greek; with prefixed preposition).
  • Referring to the First Heaven, the material cosmos, Paul consistently uses “heaven(s)” (without prefixed preposition) in conjunction with “earth.”

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