Cosmology of Paul in Ephesians

Cosmology of Paul in Ephesians

The chart Cosmology of Paul in Ephesians includes English biblical text and an illustration depicting the cosmology:

  1. First Heaven (Material Cosmos) — Eph 1.10; 3.14-16; 4.9-10
  2. Second Heaven (Battle Zone with Spiritual Forces) — Eph 3.9-10; 6.10-12
  3. Third Heaven (Throne of God; Paradise) — Eph 1.3; 1.20-21; 2.5-7


  • Referring to the Second and Third Heavens, Paul consistently uses the phrase “in the heavenlies” (cf. Greek; with prefixed preposition).
  • Referring to the First Heaven, the material cosmos, Paul consistently uses “heaven(s)” (without prefixed preposition) in conjunction with “earth.”

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