Paul’s Journeys and the Early Centers of Christianity

Paul’s Journeys and the Early Centers of Christianity includes a relief map supplemented by an outline listing Paul’s travels.


  • Map is 7.08 x 4.67, landscape; outline is 4.67 x 7.08, portrait (i.e., will fit back-to-back in 5×8 slip)
  • Centers: Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, Rome, and Alexandria
  • Paul’s three missionary journeys each begin from Antioch in Syria.
  • Route of the first journey and its base city — Antioch
  • Route of the second journey and its base city — Corinth
  • Route of the third journey and its base city — Ephesus
  • Journey from Caesarea to Malta to Rome


Some details (e.g., writing of epistles) are not recorded in Acts and do not appear in the PDF version (below).

  • The first journey (13.1–14.28; c. 47–48 CE)
    • Syria: Antioch, Port of Seleucia
    • Cyprus: Salamis, Paphos
    • Pamphylia: Perga
    • Pisidia: Antioch
    • Galatia: Iconium, Lystra, Derbe; Lystra, Iconium
    • Pisidia: Antioch
    • Pamphylia: Perga, Port of Attalia
    • Syria: Antioch — Paul writes Galatians — Paul attends the council in Jerusalem (15.1-35; c. 48 CE)
    • Syria: Antioch
    • Phoenicia, Samaria
    • Judea: Jerusalem
    • Syria: Antioch
  • The second journey (15.36–18.22; c. 49–51 CE)  
    • Syria: Antioch
    • Cilicia
    • Galatia: Derbe, Lystra, Iconium
    • Phrygia, Galatia (not Asia), Mysia (not Bithynia)
    • Port of Troas, Island of Samothrace, Port of Neapolis
    • Macedonia: Philippi, Amphipolis, Apollonia, Thessalonica, Berea
    • Achaia: Athens, Corinth (c. 18 months; his first visit) — Paul writes First Thessalonians, Second Thessalonians.
    • Port of Cenchrea, Ephesus, Port of Caesarea, Jerusalem
    • Syria: Antioch
  • The third journey (18.23–21.26; c. 52–57 CE)  
    • Syria: Antioch
    • Galatia, Phrygia
    • Asia: Ephesus (c. 2+ years) — Paul writes the lost letter referred to in 1Co 5.9. — Paul writes First Corinthians from Ephesus — Paul makes the hasty, “painful” visit to Corinth referred to in 2Co 2.1 (his second visit). — Without going to Corinth, Paul visits Macedonia to collect for the poor and then returns to Ephesus. — Paul writes Second Corinthians from Ephesus
    • Through Macedonia to Achaia: Corinth (for winter; the “third visit” of 2Co 12.14; 13.1) — Paul writes Romans from Corinth.
    • Macedonia: Philippi
    • Troas, Assos, Mitylene, Kios, Miletus (farewell to Ephesians)
    • Cos, Rhodes, Patara
    • Tyre, Ptolemais, Caesarea
    • Judea: Jerusalem (Temple)
  • The road to Rome (21.27–28.31; c. 57–62 CE)  
    • Judea: Jerusalem (Temple), Caesarea (imprisonment; c. 2 years)
    • Sidon, Myra, Cnidus, Fair Havens, Malta (shipwrecked), Syracuse (c. 1 year)
    • Italia: Rhegium, Puteoli, Rome (house arrest; c. 2+ years) — Paul writes Colossians–Philemon, Ephesians, Philippians from Roman house arrest.

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