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Genealogy of Shem

Genealogy of Shem; text and genealogical tree for Terah

In BcR’s Genealogy of Shem the genealogical timeline of Shem, from Genesis 11.10b-27a, is presented in a chart format. It highlights the pattern for each record, significant deviations. Chart also includes text and genealogical tree for Terah from Genesis 11.27b-32. The following individuals are covered:

  • Shem
  • Arpachshad
  • Shelah
  • Eber
  • Peleg
  • Reu
  • Serug
  • Nahor
  • Terah
  • Abram, Nahor, Haran . . . wives Sarah and Milcah
  • Iscah, Lot

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