Pre-Flood Geography

The pre-flood topography, as described in Genesis 2.4b-14 and 4.16, included Eden and four rivers flowing out to water the surrounding lands. Map is applicable to studies of Genesis 1–6.


  • Eden and the Garden Rivers Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates Havilah, Cush, and Assyria Nod, east of Eden; compass point highlighting “East”
  • Cities Enoch and Eridu
  • Illustrations: Man and pre-Flood beast; gold, bdellium, and onyx of Havilah
  • Relief base map, with imagined topography and seas.
  • Assumption of the map is simply that a memory of pre-Flood river systems (their original orientations, etc.) influenced the naming of post-Flood rivers.
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