Bible Timelines: Overview

The set includes three biblical timelines: an overall timeline and two derived perspectives.

The first timeline, a close-up perspective, focuses upon the prehistorical and early historical periods of “Beginnings and Patriarchs” (Creation – 1750 BCE; Genesis 1-50; note that another chart in the more detailed set of timelines covers this same period).

The second timeline, also a close-up perspective, focuses upon “The Bible in History” (c. 3500 BCE -100 CE; Genesis 10 – Revelation).

Each of the three timelines is suitable for printing on 8.5 x 11 letter-size. The two perspective timelines can be cropped and used in 5 x 8″ slips. Scale throughout is 1 pica = 100 yrs (1 in = 600 yrs).

PDF ver. 2014-03-01
3pp 4.67 x 10.5″ and 4.67 x 7.08″ .24 mb

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