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Mentoring Strategy

6110000-beg-mentoring-strategy-how-bcrxDecember 1, 2009 - Ten key elements in a mentoring strategy (6110000-beg-mentoring-strategy-how-bcrx)

Study Blank for a Passage

6210000-dev-bib-std-blank-psg-4pg-std-bcrxDecember 1, 2009 - 2 versions, each with 4 pages to detail the structure, define the key words, describe the passage, and discern an application (6210000-dev-bib-std-blank-psg-4pg-std-bcrx)

Approaching a Psalm

2151000-pss000000-approaching-a-psalm-cht-bcrxOctober 5, 2009 - Set of two charts summarizing an approach to studying an individual psalm (2151000-pss000000-approaching-a-psalm-cht-bcrx)