Evangelism of Jesus – Study

Evangelism of Jesus – a guided self-study regarding eight different evangelistic encounters of Jesus from the Gospels:

  • The Religious: Nicodemus, John 3.1-21
  • The Immoral: The Samaritan woman at the well, John 4.1-42
  • The Sick / Blind: The paralytic, Matthew 9.1-8
  • The Possessed: The Gerasene demoniac, Mark 5.1-20
  • The Children: Brought by parents, Mark 10.13-16
  • The Rich: The rich, young ruler, Mark 10.17-31
  • The Hated: Zacchaeus, the tax gatherer, Luke 19.1-10
  • The Condemned: The two thieves at the cross, Luke 23.32-47

After reading the biblical text, space is provided to summarize what is learned about his message, method, and manner. Space is also provided for an overall summary of what has been learned from each encounter: observing Jesus’ message, method, and manner, how should we and others sincerely following him think, feel, and act.

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