Book Survey Forms

Book Survey Forms: Resource is available in PDF and MS Word (.docx) formats. PDF includes a version for biblical books and a generalized version for any book.

The PDF file combines the biblical and general versions

Pages 1-4 of the downloadable PDF contains a version specific to the study of a Bible book. Pages 5-6 of the same PDF contain a generalized version suitable for the study of any book. In each version, space is provided for manual recording of notes. The content is organized with outline and questions to guide a survey study of a biblical or other book.

  • Historical Background — both critical (author, recipients, origin, date, occasion) and descriptive issues (political, geographical, cultural)
  • Literary Foreground — reading the book as literature: purpose, genre, rhetoric, atmosphere, theme / outline, canonical context
  • Significance — “How might this study affect the way you and others in the church think, feel, and act?” (Labeled Influence / Impact in the ‘any-book’ version).

PDF ver. 2014-03-01
6 pp. 8.5 x 11″ .08 mb

PDF version history:
2014-03-01: Updated SKU; combined into set
2011-04-23/2011-10-14: New individual releases

A MS Word .docx file can be directly downloaded

The MS Word .docx version contains only the generalized version suitable for the study of any book (it’s content matches pp. 5-6 of the PDF). The MS Word .docx will download directly to your device. Once opened with MS Word, the user can type into the various fields and print their product. Download .docx

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