Rome’s Conquest of Southern Italy

The map Rome’s Conquest of Southern Italy includes key regions and cities, the Via Appia (completed c. 312), and key battles of Samnite Wars and Pyrrhic War.

Highlights include the following:

  • Peoples: Romans, Campani, Samnites, Apuli, Lucani, Brutti, and Greeks (cf. off-map Gauls, Epirotes)
  • Cities: Rome, Tibur, Praeneste, Ostia, Ardea, Alba Fucens, Teracina, Fregellae, Corfinium, Hadria (Hatria), Cales, Capua, Neapolis (Naples), Bovianum, Beneventum, Paestum, Luceria, Aquilonia, Asculum (Ausculum), Arpi, Venusta, Canusium, Croton, Thurii, Heraclea, Tarentum, and Brundisium
  • Other sites: Pontine Marshes, Via Appia (312 BCE)
  • Battles of Samnite Wars: Satricum (347), Caudine Forks (321), Bovianum (305), Sentinum (295), and Brundisium (267)
  • Battles of Pyrrhic Wars: Heraclea (280), Asculum (279), and Beneventum (275)

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