Trinitarian Controversy: Its Progress

The Trinitarian Controversy flowchart covers the progress of the controversy from the New Testament until the councils of Nicea (325 CE) and Constantinople (381). Chart includes Logos Subordinationism and the Trinitarian Heresies.

NT / Orthodoxy timeline highlights:

  • Tertullian and Economic Subordinationism in the West;
    Origen and Logos Subordinationism in the East
  • the Council of Nicea
  • Athanasius
  • the Cappadocians
  • the Council of Constantinople
  • Augustine
  • Trinitarian Heresies: Tritheism and Monarchianism
  • within Monarchianism
    • the Western proclivity of Modalistic, Patripassianism, Sabellianism
    • the Eastern proclivity of Dynamic, Adoptionism, Arianism and Radical Subordinationism, Pneumatomachians

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