Theology Prolegomena and Principium Systematic Theology

Inspiration in Contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy

Chart compares the methods, modes, and manner of the various models of inspiration.

The chart Inspiration in Contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy is organized to highlight a continuum of similarities and differences, summarizing various models of inspiration in contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy:

  • Human writers stressed (process focused; personal)
    • Dynamic Model — abductive method with accent on function; concomitant mode; errant manner
    • Organic Model — inductive method with accent on function-form; continuity as mode; functional inerrancy as manner
  • Supernatural writings stressed (product focused; propositional)
    • Verbal Model — deductive method with accent on form-function; concursive mode; material inerrancy as manner
    • Mechanical Model — reductive method with accent on form; confluent mode; formal inerrancy as manner

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