Protestant Reformation – a Study Form

Protestant Reformation is a fillable PDF form for recording observations from your study regarding the similarities and differences of both the Magisterial and the Radical movements.

  • Magisterial: Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed
  • Radical: Anabaptist

For each, space is provided to record:

  • Confessional Beliefs
  • Liturgical Forms
  • Ecclesiastical Order
  • Moral Traditions
  • Cultural Mandate

Fields can be filled manually or via keyboard with 6-pt Helvetica font (requires Adobe Reader XI or later; right-clicking field presents formatting options, e.g., bold and italic).

PDF ver. 2014-03-01
1 p. 9.5 x 7.08″ .13 mb

PDF version history:
2014-03-01: Updated SKU
2009-05-28: Corrected field text size
2009-01-12: Added text
2008-12-04: New release

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