Historical Development of Christian Churches

Historical Development of Christian Churches is a flowchart showing the development of churches resulting from the Great Schism (1054 CE), the Protestant Reformation (1517 CE), and the Peace of Westphalia (1648).

Highlights include:

  • Eastern Orthodox: Greek, Slavic, Syrian, Coptic, …
  • Roman Catholic: Latin
  • Radical: USA: “Peace churches,” Mennonite, Quaker, Pietist Brethren
  • Magisterial
    • Lutheran: USA: Conservative and Liberal Synods
    • Anglican: USA: Episcopal — Traditional and Progressive Streams
    • Reformed: USA: Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational, United Church of Christ
  • Largely American Churches (1800 CE; cf. Baptist and Methodist beginnings in England)
    • Wesleyan: Methodist, Holiness, Pentecostal
    • Independent: Baptist, Bible, Christian (Disciples of Christ)

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