Judges of Israel

Merneptah Stela (Stele) summary sheet (11 x 8.5″) includes photo, illustration, and the text from the stanza of the stela that makes reference to Israel. Judges of Israel map (4.67 x 7.08″) shows the extent of the Conquest, the twelve Judges, and their enemies.

  • Othniel of Judah (vs. Mitannians / Mesopotamians)
  • Ehud of Benjamin (vs. Moabites)
  • Shamgar of Naphtali (vs. Philistines; cf “Sea Peoples”)
  • Deborah of Ephraim (with Barak; vs. Canaanites)
  • Gideon of Manasseh (vs. Midianites)
  • Tola of Issachar
  • Jair of Gilead
  • Jephthah of Gilead (vs. Ammonites)
  • Ibzan of Bethlehem
  • Elon of Zebulun (vs. Moabites)
  • Abdon of Ephraim
  • Samson of Dan (vs. Philistines)

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