Israel’s 40 Years in the Wilderness

Israel’s 40 Years in the Wilderness timeline covers Exodus 12 – Deuteronomy. The tabernacle illustration is especially relevant to Exodus 25-40 and the camp illustration to Numbers 1, 26.

  • Timeline, 4.67 w. x 7.08 h., zooms in on the events during Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness, using mixed scales to highlight the narrative’s focus on the beginning and end of this period. Its contextual assumption is an early date for the exodus of Israel from Egypt, so it covers the years 1446–1406 BCE.
  • Tabernacle illustration, 7.08 w. x 4.67 h., includes a plan view, a perspective illustration, and an inset of the Ark of the Covenant. See also the illustration of The Camp in the Wilderness.
  • Camp illustration, 4.67 w. x 7.08 h., highlights the organization of the tribes of Israel in the wilderness, prepared for war and centered around the Tabernacle. Includes census figures from before and after the years of wandering. On the dating of the first and second census, see the timeline. Assumption is a date of 1446 for the exodus from Egypt and the first year of wandering; the first census occurred in the second month of the second year; the second census occurred during the fortieth year.

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