Rome’s Conquest of Southern Italy

Relief map relevant to Rome's conquest of southern Italy: 360–264 BCE — the closing period of the Early Republic

5142130-rom-rep360-264-conquest-s-italy-map-bcrxRome’s Conquest of Southern Italy: in addition to key regions and cities, includes the Via Appia (completed c. 312), and key battles of Samnite Wars and Pyrrhic War. Highlights include the following:

  • Peoples: Romans, Campani, Samnites, Apuli, Lucani, Brutti, and Greeks (cf. off-map Gauls, Epirotes)
  • Cities: Rome, Tibur, Praeneste, Ostia, Ardea, Alba Fucens, Teracina, Fregellae, Corfinium, Hadria (Hatria), Cales, Capua, Neapolis (Naples), Bovianum, Beneventum, Paestum, Luceria, Aquilonia, Asculum (Ausculum), Arpi, Venusta, Canusium, Croton, Thurii, Heraclea, Tarentum, and Brundisium
  • Other sites: Pontine Marshes, Via Appia (312 BCE)
  • Battles of Samnite Wars: Satricum (347), Caudine Forks (321), Bovianum (305), Sentinum (295), and Brundisium (267)
  • Battles of Pyrrhic Wars: Heraclea (280), Asculum (279), and Beneventum (275)

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Rome's Conquest of Southern Italy
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