Inspiration in Contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy

Comparison of the methods, modes, and manner of the various models of inspiration

4122000-pro-script-insp-con-prot-ortho-cht-bcrxInspiration in Contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy: Organized to highlight a continuum of similarities and differences, the chart summarizes models of inspiration in contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy:

  • Human writers stressed (process focused; personal)
    • Dynamic Model — abductive method with accent on function; concomitant mode; errant manner
    • Organic Model — inductive method with accent on function-form; continuity as mode; functional inerrancy as manner
  • Supernatural writings stressed (product focused; propositional)
    • Verbal Model — deductive method with accent on form-function; concursive mode; material inerrancy as manner
    • Mechanical Model — reductive method with accent on form; confluent mode; formal inerrancy as manner

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Inspiration in Contemporary Protestant Orthodoxy
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