Journeys of Jacob

Relief map showing the routes of Jacob's primary journeys

2111220-gen2800-3500-jacob-jrnys-map-bcrxJourneys of Jacob is a map highlighting his journeys to and from Haran, zooming via an inset to region of Shechem and the Jabbok River.

  • Inset zoom to area of Mahanaim and Penuel (Peniel) — cf. “Jacob at the Jabbok”
  • Route of travel to Haran (to escape Esau and acquire a bride)
  • At Haran, Jacob serves Laban for 20 years, acquiring a large family and many possessions.
  • Route of travel from Haran (Jacob and his family, with Laban in pursuit)
  • Esau travels to meet Jacob (upon Jacob’s return from Haran)

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Journeys of Jacob
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