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Here we are, in Happy Valley, near Portland, Oregon!

Thanksgiving 2019

Who we are as a church — as a Bible community:

  • A voluntary association of adults, freely embracing a warm and active response to God, entering into a covenant to work regarding the will of God — a covenant that can be broken at any time.
  • Holding to the orthodox teachings of historic Christianity regarding God, Christ, Sin and Salvation. The man Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and the only way by which humans can be saved; the gospel of Jesus Christ is each individual’s only hope (cf. our Statement of Faith).
  • Liberty: self-governing; self-supporting; self-propagating.
  • Our emphasis: cultivating the inner life … an Evangelical tradition (the state shall not establish a religion or prevent its free exercise, etc.; we are the kind of church that the United States 1st Amendment allows us to be).
  • Birthed by the Spirit of God, leading to a religion of the heart, we are seeking the will of God together. We have freely chosen to take our faith seriously: Jesus Christ is Lord … is our chosen Lord.

Given the personal nature of gospel outreach, if you desire to visit it is likely that you have been in a meaningful conversation with one of our members.

Please contact them for specific directions and meeting times . . . or use the form below.

Of course we also value wisdom regarding site navigation and the contents/quality of our resources.

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