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We organized BcResources around a focused purpose: making the many formal teaching and study resources produced by ncBc freely available for your classroom and personal use. So don’t miss the resources! But, of course, you’re a little curious about ncBc.

Who we are …

Pastors and Teachers

BcResources originate in the preaching and teaching ministry of Mike Sperou (Senior Pastor), Kevin Mitchell (Associate Pastor), and the other ncBc pastors and teachers: Greg Kirchem, Bill Hartman, Judy Sperou, Jackie Mitchell, Karen Hartman, Randy Geist, and Russ Sperou.

Teaching (AV)

Teaching (AV) includes an audiovisual selection, the most recent listed first, highlighting the preaching and teaching of Mike Sperou, Senior Pastor, and Kevin Mitchell, Associate Pastor.

Community (Photos)

ncBc photo albums, some with video, highlighting the community of north clackamas Bible.

Missions Support

Mission organizations and individuals supported by ncBc and its members: ncBc is committed, specifically, to the support of native missionaries in the 10/40 window of North Africa and Asia and, generally, to the persecuted churches worldwide – it is with these churches that we most desire to identify.


Finally, although it was informally included with our main curriculum disciplines, a few posts will provide a hint at the nature of our day-to-day conversations revolving around biblical theology and resting upon the faith tradition.

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