April 20, 2016 - Letter on love, from Mike to ncBc

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Letter to ncBc from Mike Sperou, "Confessor" — suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned

April 20, 2016 - Letter on love, from Mike to ncBcMike Sperou, “Confessor”suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned.

While imprisoned for his faith, Mike continues to send ncBc letters of encouragement. A letter from April 2016 is included here. The topic is “love.”

c. April 20, 2016 | Oregon State Penitentiary

Dearly Beloved

All will know that we are truly His disciples — if we have true love one for another.

True love is much more about giving than it is about getting — it is primarily about the other person, without expecting anything in return.

It wishes to be loved in return but it doesn’t demand it, and it does not mind being taken advantage of if the other person is truly blessed or benefited by it.

True love is personally active, and spontaneous — it moves toward the other person without waiting for them to meet us halfway.

The natural loves, including sexual desire, are essentially self-centered — largely dependent on the other’s attraction toward us.

These loves are more about give and take on a fair exchange — more like justice than true love; making demands vs. about giving gifts.

True love humanizes the natural loves, including sexual desire, so that we are acting above the level of mere animal instinct.

Sexual desire participates in true love to the degree that it is out to primarily benefit the other person in a respectful and honorable way.

The OT word for sexual intimacy is “to know“; in the NT “to honor“.

Lust is largely demeaning and horribly insensitive, let alone momentary and impersonal — how do you feel afterwards … connected or disconnected?

Struck down but not destroyed,

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