Mar 28 2016 - Letter from Mike to ncBc

Letters from Mike | Mar 28, 2016

Letter to ncBc from Mike Sperou, "Confessor" — suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned

Mar 28 2016 - Letter from Mike to ncBcMike Sperou, “Confessor”suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned.

While imprisoned for his faith, Mike continues to send ncBc letters of encouragement. A letter from March 2016 is included here.

c. Mar 28, 2016 | Oregon State Penitentiary

Dearly Beloved

Grace and peace from Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think …

Thank you so very much for all your recent letters — they were lucid, heart felt, and very strengthening for me at this time!

Severe trials and testings of this type separate the authentic faith from the false or superficial one — only an authentic faith can persevere through such trials obediently.

A little Hegelian dialectical exercise:
 1. Thesis — He is willing but not able
 2. Antithesis — He is able but not willing
 3. Synthesis — ?

Perhaps no testing is so extreme as that which has to do with innocent or unjust suffering for those in the will of God — all one’s deepest fears and doubts are brought to the surface — has God rightly abandoned me …

When everything seems to imply that our temporal deliverance is highly unlikely, and even Divine Providence seems to be fully arrayed against it!

Hope or despair: Do I, by faith, hold on to the Divine Possibility — or surrender to Human Probability, and simply resign myself to that?

I see the contrast as one between faith or sin, with the latter only gaining momentum in the wrong direction — away from God.

In a way, it really does come down to a leap of faith, yet the heart has reasons reason doesn’t know.

Of course, our choices of faith offend the world, for if one does not love the world neither will the world love them — but we exist for God and not for the world, and our faith overcomes it.

Finding out that hell can be a very small place,
Love you all

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