Jan 31 2016 - Letter from Mike to ncBc

Letters from Mike | Jan 31, 2016

Letter to ncBc from Mike Sperou, "Confessor" — suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned

20160131-rcvd-0203-letter-from-mike-x1038Mike Sperou, “Confessor”suffering for Christ; temporarily imprisoned.

While imprisoned for his faith, Mike continues to send ncBc letters of encouragement. A letter from January 2016 is included here.

c. Jan 31, 2016 | Oregon State Penitentiary

Beloved of God:

May grace and peace continue to be yours from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is in our love for God, and for one another, that the reality of His presence is manifested among us before the world — being all but visible.

For this love to be known as truly authentic, it must be severely tested — if it does not persevere through the fire, it is not true love.

We did not ask Him to share in our work, but he chose us to share in His — and no true work that sets itself on following Him can escape the cross.

“Where there is no cross — there is no crown.”

“As the Master so will His servants be — and pierced are the feet that follow Thee …”

The only way to hang tough in the midst of the battle is to determine to endure it — courage being that quality of soul which bravely accepts all wartime conditions, and makes it a point of honor not to be overly dismayed nor overly wearied by them.

“Hope was never meant for what could be, nor even for what might be — but for what will be.”

“Give us the love that leads the way, the faith that nothing can dismay, the hope no disappointments tire, the passion that will burn with fire — make us Thy fuel, O Flame of God.”

“Numbered with the Transgressors”

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