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Question of being: intellectual, religious, socio-ecoonomic associations; manners and customs; technological developments and demographics

Judges of Israel

2122000-jdg0000-judges-israel-set-bcrxJanuary 17, 2009 - Map shows the extent of the Conquest, the Judges of Israel, and their enemies; summary article features the Merneptah Stela (2122000-jdg0000-judges-israel-set-bcrx)

Enuma Elish

2111100-gen0100-1100-suc-story-enuma-sum-bcrxJuly 28, 2008 - Outline and summary of the narrative of this Babylonian succession story (2111100-gen0100-1100-suc-story-enuma-sum-bcrx)

Mosaic Covenant

2112200-exo2000-mosaic-covt-out-bcrxMarch 18, 2008 - Basic outline of the Mosaic Covenant (2112200-exo2000-mosaic-covt-out-bcrx)