Philippians Sermon - Mike Sperou

ncBc Sermon Series – Philippians 1.27–2.18 (video)

Series of nine messages by Mike Sperou, Senior Pastor of ncBc

Philippians Sermon - Mike SperouThis series of sermons from Philippians 1.27 – 2.18 (a video playlist) was delivered by Mike Sperou, Senior Pastor of North Clackamas Bible Community, March-June, 2014.

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Messages in series

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1. Philippians 1.27-30 (30 min.) — reminds each of us what it means to conduct ourselves worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing credit to, measuring up to, the level of excellence that his name implies.

2. Philippians 2.1-2 (39 min.) — an appeal to our community, grounded in our experience of a certain kind of fullness of relating, to move on, united in one purpose, to the next level of growth and usefulness.

3. Philippians 2.3-4 (31 min.) — explains why this well-known call, to put the interests of others before our own, really only makes sense, in a certain kind of close-knit community.

4. Philippians 2.5-7 (36 min.) — explains how Christ’s having “emptied himself” — laying aside all that would have kept him from being fully human — provided an example that encourages every true believer to adopt a similar mindset.

5. Philippians 2.7-8 (30 min.) — continues to explain how Christ, having “emptied himself” and now also having “humbled himself,” being obedient to the point of a shameful death on a cross, provides the governing paradigm for all who would follow him in obedience.

6. Philippians 2.9-11 (24 min.) — encourages those who now follow Christ in humble obedience, reminding them that they will, soon, be exalted with Jesus … in the time when ALL will confess him as the “LORD, Jesus Christ.”

7. Philippians 2.12-13 (35 min.) — explains God’s clear call to “work out our salvation, with fear and trembling,” knowing that God is “working into” every true believer all that is needed to submit humbly to his will.

8. Philippians 2.14-16a (30 min.) — explains how it is that being an “unblemished” people, allows us to live in the midst of unbelievers and to have a positive impact: holding fast/forth the Word of life.

9. Philippians 2.16-18 (25 min.) — fills out what it means to both hold fast/forth the Word of Life: running and toiling in ministry in order to please our Father in the coming Day of Christ.

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