Literary Structure of the Pentateuch

Literary outline of Genesis thru Deuteronomy

2110000-pen-lit-struct-pent-out-bcrxViewing them from a literary perspective, the five books of the Pentateuch have three divisions: Universal, Patriarchal, and National.

  1. Universal Protohistory (Genesis 1.1–11.27a)
    1. Creation prologue (1.1–2.4a)
    2. Adam narratives (2.4b–5.1a)
    3. Noahic narratives (5.1b–11.27a)(Noah and his sons)
  2. Patriarchal History (Genesis 11.27b–50.26)
    1. Abraham narratives (11.27b–25.19a)
    2. Isaac and Jacob narratives (25.19b–37.2a)
    3. Joseph narratives (37.2b–50.26)
  3. National: Israel (Exodus–Deuteronomy)
    1. Exodus narratives (Exo 1.1–18.27)
    2. Sinai narratives (Exodus 19.1 – Numbers 10.10)(Laws)
    3. Wilderness narratives (Numbers 10.11–36.13)(Book of Deuteronomy)

Outline is also included in the BcR article: Evidence of Tablets in the Text of Genesis. This short article provides a partial support for this literary structure.

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Literary Structure of the Pentateuch
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